Apartment Interior Design

In today’s world, apartments have become a popular choice for many individuals seeking to own a home. However, apartments often come with limited space. That’s why designing the interior of an apartment to create a comfortable and visually appealing living space is crucial. In this article, let’s explore apartment interior design and its benefits with TD architects.

Discover how to design the perfect interior for your apartment, considering its size and design style. Explore beautiful and functional apartment interior design templates from TD architects. Check them out now!
In today’s world, apartments have become a popular choice for many individuals seeking to own a home. However, apartments often come with limited space. That’s why designing the interior of an apartment to create a comfortable and visually appealing living space is crucial. In this article, let’s explore apartment interior design and its benefits with TD architects.


When designing an apartment interior, factors such as space, style, color, materials, and cost need to be considered. However, here are some ideas for beautiful apartment interior designs that you can refer to.

Optimal Space Design for a 1-Bedroom Apartment

When designing a 1-bedroom apartment interior, it is important to maximize the use of space and create a comfortable atmosphere for the apartment owner. To achieve this, choosing simple yet functional furniture that can be integrated and neatly arranged is essential.

Modern 45m2 1-Bedroom Apartment Interior Design

The 45m2 apartment is designed with the living room area close to the loggia, a foldable double bed to save space when not in use, and a compact dining table that can be expanded and folded to save space. Additionally, choosing suitable colors and furniture for the apartment creates an open and bright ambiance.

Bedroom 55m2 Apartment Interior Design 

A 55m2 apartment not only focuses on functionality but also aims to create a comfortable living space. Details such as wall paintings, decorative lights, or flower vases bring vibrancy and add focal points to the living space. By harmoniously combining utility and aesthetics, the design of a 1-bedroom apartment interior becomes perfect, fulfilling all the needs of the apartment owner.

Modern 2-Bedroom Apartment Interior Design Templates

Modern 2-bedroom apartment interior design focuses on the combination of functionality and aesthetics, creating a contemporary and comfortable living space for apartment owners. To achieve this, it is important to choose simple and sophisticated furniture that brings comfort to the family.

56m2 2-Bedroom Apartment Interior Design Template

This modern 2-bedroom apartment design template features neutral tones such as white, gray, or black, creating an elegant and modern space. Utilizing versatile furniture like folding sofa beds for flexible space and foldable dining tables for space-saving purposes.

Beautiful 60m2 Apartment Interior Design – 2 Bedrooms

For a 60m2 apartment, maximizing the use of space is essential. It is recommended to use furniture with integrated functions such as multi-purpose shelves, desks with built-in bookshelves, and decorative items like vases or wall hangings. However, it is important to pay attention to a well-planned layout to avoid overcrowding or excessive furniture.

Modern 2-bedroom apartment interior design – 65m2

In this modern 2-bedroom apartment interior design, emphasis is placed on light and open space. The use of decorative lights and soft bulbs creates a gentle and cozy lighting atmosphere, providing a comfortable and warm living space. Combined with a well-organized layout and exquisite decorative details.

Stunning 70m2 Apartment Interior Design – 2 Bedrooms

A 70m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms offers a more comfortable living space, allowing for spacious living room and kitchen arrangements. The 2 bedrooms can be designed with different color tones based on the owner’s preferences. Discover our exquisite 70m2 apartment interior design templates today.

Luxurious 3-Bedroom Apartment Interior Designs

Ensure a practical, convenient, space-optimized, and comfortable living environment for your family with our exquisite 3-bedroom apartment interior design.

75m2 – 3 Bedroom Apartment Interior Designs

Optimize your 75m2 3-bedroom apartment space with smart solutions like built-in wall cabinets, bunk beds, and versatile bookshelves. Explore our stunning interior design options.

Modern Apartment Interior Design Template – 80m2 – 3 Bedrooms

Create a convenient living space by choosing functional and minimalist furnishings that optimize space and provide a sense of openness.

Modern Apartment Interior Design Template – 90m2, 3 Bedrooms

Designing a comfortable and functional 3-bedroom apartment. Choose vibrant colors and decorate with artwork or small furniture pieces to create focal points in the space.

Stunning Apartment Interior Design Templates: 100m2 – 3 Bedrooms

With a spacious 100m2 area, these apartment designs feature a large living room, perfect for gathering with family and friends. Essential furnishings such as sofas, dining tables, and shoe cabinets create a comfortable living space. 

Why is it necessary to design apartment interiors?

Optimizing living space

Apartment interior design helps optimize the limited space of your apartment by arranging suitable furniture, making your living space more convenient and spacious.

Time and cost-saving

Apartment interior design saves homeowners time and effort in searching and selecting suitable furniture. Moreover, a well-designed plan helps avoid additional costs during construction and prevents the need for replacing or repairing unsuitable furniture.

Proper furniture arrangement

Interior design ensures proper furniture arrangement that suits the living space and its functions. Well-arranged furniture creates a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.

Apartment interior design styles are crucial considerations for homeowners who desire the most beautiful living spaces. Currently, there are several sought-after apartment interior design styles worth exploring.

Modern Apartment Interior Design

This is the most beloved interior design style nowadays. It focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and sophistication. Clean lines, neutral colors, and the use of materials such as wood, glass, and metal are the defining elements of this style.

Modern Classic Style Apartment Interior Design

The modern classic style is often used for luxurious and spacious apartments. This style focuses on exquisite details and grand furniture. Colors such as gold and red are commonly used in this style.

Classic-style apartment interior design

Classic-style apartment interior design is a fusion of classic and modern styles. The design features warm, earthy tones, intricate floral patterns, and symmetrical layouts following the familiar golden ratio but without being monotonous. This style creates a cozy, luxurious, and sophisticated living space in apartments.

Minimalist-style apartment interior design

Minimalist design style focuses on eliminating unnecessary details and keeping only the essentials. With a clean and minimalist approach, this style uses a harmonious blend of white and black colors, creating a visually stunning space with simple yet beautiful furnishings.

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is often recognized by its clean lines, simple and sleek design, and minimal ornate patterns compared to classical designs.

The dominant colors in contemporary design are typically neutral tones, black and white, with the possibility of incorporating vibrant colors to highlight the space. Additionally, the use of lighting is crucial as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of this design style.

Transitional style apartment interior design

Transitional style is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles, offering homeowners both comfort and sophisticated design elements.

The distinctive features of this design style include white and beige walls adorned with furniture made of wood, metal, or glass. Large furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and cabinets are simplified, highlighted with decorative pillows or eye-catching patterns.

Important considerations for apartment interior design

Set clear goals

When designing apartment interiors, it is essential to determine the purpose, functions, and needs of the family in order to optimize the living space. Setting clear goals also helps interior designers generate suitable ideas that meet the client’s requirements.

Choose suitable materials

Choosing appropriate materials is one of the key factors in apartment interior design. The selection of materials depends on the budget, design style, and preferences of the homeowner.

Maximize space utilization

In apartment interior design, maximizing space utilization is crucial to create a spacious and convenient living environment. Apartment owners can utilize intelligent design solutions such as bunk beds, foldable dining tprofessional interior design company?

Professional interior design company

For a high-quality and customized apartment interior design, it’s crucial to select a professional interior design company. With their expertise and experience, our interior designers will help you create a visually appealing, functional, and tailored living space that perfectly meets your needs.ables, and smart wardrobes to save space and create a more spacious living area.

Trusted and Professional Apartment Interior Design Company

Finding a reputable and trustworthy apartment interior design company is essential to ensure you have a beautiful and functional living space. A reliable apartment interior design company guarantees professional consultation, high-quality products, and excellent post-sales services.

With years of experience in design and construction, TD architects offers you a high-quality living space at a cost-effective price. Experience highly professional interior services and exclusive commitments only available at TD architects.

  • We listen, understand, and fulfill our customers’ desires, providing optimal space solutions and personalized interior design ideas based on their preferences.
  • We guarantee standardized and precise interior construction, ensuring a 99% match between the actual implementation and the design plans.
  • We ensure well-balanced design plans that align with our customers’ budgets, minimizing any additional costs during the interior construction process.

Together with our team of skilled and passionate professionals who constantly strive for improvement and learning, TD architects successfully complete over 200 projects each year. We are confident in being one of the leading interior design companies that meet all customer expectations.

Apartment Interior Design Quotation at TD architects

The quotation for apartment interior design depends on various factors such as the size of the apartment, the number of rooms, desired design style, and available furniture. However, we guarantee to provide reasonable and competitive prices in the market.

To accurately calculate the estimated cost and obtain the interior design blueprint, the following formula is used:

Design fee = Area x Unit price

To receive a quotation for apartment interior design, please contact us for the best consultation and support. We will provide a suitable design solution based on your needs and budget, creating a beautiful and comfortable living space for your family.


At TD architects, you’ll receive expert consultation throughout the entire design process, ensuring a successful and high quality outcome.

The typical design process includes the following steps:

Client prospect

Preliminary estimation

Concept design (Concept)

Contract discussion

Floor plan and functional space design

3D design

Shop drawing

2D & 3D design documentation handover