30+ Models of Modern and Beautiful TV Cabinets  for Living Room and Bedroom

Author: Tdarch

TV cabinets, coffee tables, sofas form an essential trio for the living room, enhancing its completeness and beauty. This trio often becomes the focal point in the living room, attracting the most attention. The arrangement of TV cabinets varies in each living room and bedroom space, considering the diverse designs available. Let's explore more with TD architects about how to arrange and choose TV cabinets for the bedroom and living room, along with the most beautiful models!

Beautiful TV cabinet models for modern living spaces

TV cabinets come in diverse designs and sizes, depending on whether they are intended for the living room or bedroom space.

Alongside modern designs, TV cabinets impress customers with their convenience in providing ample and practical storage space.

Modern TV cabinet models are always the top choice for families

Made from moisture-resistant industrial wood that has undergone industrial treatment, TV cabinets overcome issues like warping and termite infestation that may occur during use.

Furthermore, TV cabinets have a smooth glossy surface that not only enhances their attractive appearance but also protects the product from scratches and water damage during use.


Tủ kệ tivi treo tường là những mẫu kệ có kích thước nhỏ gọn, dành cho không gian phòng khách và phòng ngủ nhỏ, đơn giản, được làm bằng gỗ tự nhiên hay gỗ công nghiệp.

Simple wall-mounted TV cabinet models suitable for every space


Versatile TV cabinets are typically large in size, suitable for spacious areas. These cabinets integrate multiple features, such as TV cabinets combined with dressing tables, TV cabinets combined with wardrobes, or TV cabinets combined with decorative cabinets, and even act as room dividers, optimizing space and creating a unique and convenient living space.

Versatile TV cabinets, convenient, optimizing space


Simple TV cabinets are usually prioritized for their lightweight design, perfect for small-sized modern rooms. These models are often small in size, with simple colors and are pre-made to fit any space.

Simple TV cabinet models, usually prioritized for small spaces

TV Cabinet - Shelves Materials

Natural Wood TV Shelves

Known for their durability and a touch pricier than industrial wood, natural wood TV shelves exude luxury and are widely adored. Natural wood TV shelves create a friendly, intimate, and cozy ambiance. Currently, popular types include fragrant wood, teak, apricot blossom wood, and oak.

Simple designs with a natural wood grain finish

However, a drawback of natural wood TV shelves is their higher price. The designs tend to lean towards a modern-classic style, suitable for specific spaces.

Industrial Wood TV Shelves

A common and favored material, industrial wood offers many advantages, including durability, resistance to pests, warping, and reasonable pricing. TV shelves designed with industrial wood come in modern styles, offering various colors and designs for customers to choose from.

Diverse designs and colors for industrial wood TV shelves

Industrial wood TV shelves are suitable for various interior spaces and are much more affordable than natural wood. Modern, multicolored industrial wood TV shelves bring vitality, youthfulness, and dynamism to rooms, making them a popular choice among young families.

30+ Most Beautiful TV Cabinets

Choosing a TV cabinet that suits your bedroom and living room space is a way to add both impression and convenience to your living area. Here is a compilation of the most beautiful TV cabinets and shelves for you to choose from.

Multifunctional TV shelf with bookshelf and decorative cabinet

Modern industrial wood TV shelf

Modern TV shelf for bedroom or living room, extremely convenient

Compact wall-mounted TV shelf for small bedrooms

TV cabinet combining decorative cabinet with large storage compartment

Large TV cabinet with multiple drawers and spacious storage compartments

Multifunctional TV cabinet integrated with decorative cabinet for the living room

Large TV cabinet with decorative cabinet for large spaces like townhouses or villas

Simple wall-mounted TV cabinet that can be combined with various other furniture

Simple TV cabinet with long length, combined with drawers

TV cabinet with multiple functions, combining decorative shelf and shoe cabinet

Simple TV cabinet for the bedroom

TV cabinet combined with decorative shelf, making full use of wall space

Simple TV shelf

Long TV cabinet suitable for coordinating with other furniture in the living room

Versatile TV Cabinet with Decorative Shelf

Simple TV cabinet for the bedroom

TV cabinet combining decorative shelf and storage cabinet

Minimalist TV cabinet harmonizing with in-wall storage cabinet

These are some of the most popular TV shelf designs. Hope you can find a suitable TV shelf for your home space.


Discover the excellence of TD architects, your go-to for top-notch design, construction, and furniture supply, featuring:

Robust materials ensuring high durability, water resistance, termite resistance, and excellent load-bearing capacity.

Beyond TV placement, our shelves accommodate various items and decor, optimizing room space for a tidy and appealing environment.

Aesthetic and modern designs, coupled with convenience, are essential elements for crafting shelves with high aesthetic appeal. Moreover, our products are designed to fit seamlessly into any space, thanks to standardized dimensions.

With years of experience in the furniture industry, TD architects proudly stands as a reputable and trustworthy specialist in family furniture, TV shelves, and cabinets across all provinces and cities. Elevate your living space with our meticulously crafted solutions.

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