5 Tips for Choosing Beautiful, Durable, and Affordable Beds

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Buying a bed for your family is a major concern for many homeowners, especially with the current market offering a wide variety of beautiful and modern bed designs at different prices and materials. When choosing a bed, it's important to consider factors such as material, style, and cost. This article will provide you with 5 tips to help you find the perfect bed.

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Experience Choosing Beautiful Beds You Need to Know

Selecting the Right Bed Size

The size is the first factor you should consider before purchasing a bed. Depending on the bedroom's dimensions, determine whether to opt for a smaller or larger bed. Understanding bed dimensions will significantly facilitate the arrangement of your bedroom.

Typically, the most common bed models in the market have lengths ranging from 1.8m to 2m. The bed's height varies from 30 to 35cm. However, for smaller bedrooms, you might consider selecting a pallet bed to save space and create a more airy environment.

Moreover, you can choose the bed size based on the number of household members. For example:

For couples, you can choose a size of about 1.6m x 2m. Additionally, larger sizes such as 1.8m x 2m and extra-large 2m x 2.2m are also available. If you have children, a bed sized 1m x 1.9m is sufficient.

If you live alone, a single bed measuring 1.2m x 1.9m would be just perfect.

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Choose the Bed Material

Currently, the variety of materials for bed construction is quite extensive. Modern beds no longer revolve solely around wood as before; options now include stainless steel, iron, and industrial wood pallet beds.

Wooden beds:

Natural wood beds: These are popular for their high durability, unique wood grain patterns, and diverse aesthetics, although they tend to be relatively expensive. Commonly used wood types include oak, walnut, ash, and cherry. When purchasing a natural wood bed, it's advisable to opt for the sturdiest material available.

Industrial wood beds: Considered an excellent alternative as natural wood sources become increasingly scarce. These beds are cost-effective, durable, and come in various appealing designs. However, one downside is that the wood grain tends to be uniform and lacks the natural charm of solid wood.

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Iron and Stainless-steel Beds:

Affordable, sturdy, and long-lasting, iron bed frames are a practical choice. These beds are easily disassembled, facilitating convenient transportation, assembly, and cleaning. However, they are prone to rust and lack the warmth of wooden beds. Additionally, iron beds can produce unpleasant noise during use. A viable alternative is stainless steel beds.

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Choose a Right Bed with the Homeowner's Taste

Besides size and material, the bedroom style needs to harmoniously complement the overall interior space. You'd want your bed to blend seamlessly with the apartment's architecture, coordinating colors, and patterns that reflect the homeowner's unique essence without disrupting the serene ambience crucial for relaxation.

Modern-Style Bed: This type of bed typically features a minimalist design, eliminating intricate details while showcasing an understated, sophisticated elegance. If you're a dynamic enthusiast, this style might be the perfect match for you.

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Classic-Style Bed: intricately crafted with elaborate engraved patterns. This bed model is designed for enthusiasts of classic, nostalgic, and vintage aesthetics. The size of this bed type is rather large, thus requiring a spacious room for accommodation.

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Neoclassical Beds: the fusion of both styles. It exudes sophistication and luxury, yet remains approachable and understated. This beautiful bedroom style is suitable for any space, bedroom size included.

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Choosing Bed Colors According to Feng Shui

The color of your bed should align with the destiny of the homeowner. For instance, if you belong to the Wood element, opt for a bed with a green hue; for those of the Metal element, prioritize white, gray, and beige beds; Fire personalities may lean towards red, pink, or purple beds; Earth individuals should consider yellow, earthy brown tones, and lastly, Water personalities find sea-green most suitable.

Moreover, to maintain balance and harmony in your bedroom, a beautiful bed shouldn't be confined to a single color, and it's best to avoid excessively dark or bright shades. Consider combining multiple colors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sleeping space. These colors can be incorporated through various items like wall hangings, decorative pillows, bedspreads, or indoor plants.

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Choose the Best Sleeping Direction for Health and Well-being

According to experts, sleeping with your head facing East or South is advisable. The most favorable sleeping direction is South. This means that when you lie on your bed, your head points towards the South and your feet towards the North. Additionally, sleeping with your head facing East is also beneficial for your health.

Pay attention to the Feng Shui characteristics of this bedroom feature to properly orient your sleeping direction.

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We hope that these 5 tips for shopping and arranging your bed will help you organize your resting space comfortably and scientifically, ensuring a reasonable cost while still highlighting your personality and unique style with an appealing and suitable bed.

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