Armchair, the versatile furniture piece perfect for any apartment space

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An armchair, also known as an occasional chair, is typically designed for one person, featuring a backrest and armrests similar to a single-seater sofa. Alongside the traditional sofa set, the armchair is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnamese households. With its elegant yet compact design, it seamlessly fits into various room spaces and serves multiple purposes, including relaxation, work, guest seating, and more. The armchair is undoubtedly a must-have item on your shopping wish list.

Useful tips for selecting the perfect armchair

Common materials used in armchair manufacturing.

A well-designed armchair should prioritize both comfort and the homeowner's individual style and personality. Hence, armchairs are crafted from a diverse range of materials, with leather and premium fabric being the most prominent choices.

Leather upholstery offers a sophisticated aesthetic appeal, providing a polished and sleek appearance. High-quality leather ensures a soft, comfortable seating experience without feeling stuffy. Additionally, leather is easy to maintain and clean.

On the other hand, fabric upholstery, especially premium fabric, infuses a modern and youthful vibe into the armchair. Fabric offers a plush and warm sensation, enhancing the sitting experience for homeowners. Cleaning a fabric armchair is relatively simple, requiring only a vacuum cleaner or a soft-bristled brush.



Understanding the Form and Size of Modern Armchairs

The armchair is compact in size, resembling a single-seater sofa, designed primarily for relaxation and leisure. Modern armchairs in leather or fabric feature a comfortably cushioned seat for one, with well-proportioned armrests for optimal arm support. The backrest tends to incline slightly, embracing the seated individual for maximum comfort. Certain modern armchair models boast a seamless, unified design, from the backrest and armrest to the seating area, ensuring a cohesive feel.

In contrast, classic or neo-classic armchair styles exude a more imposing and larger presence. Hence, homeowners should carefully measure and consider their space to ensure a harmonious blend between the armchair and other furnishings in the room.


Best Placements for Your Sofa Armchair

Wondering where to place your beloved sofa armchair? Look no further than the living room. Paired with a single sofa, it becomes an eye-catching focal point for any visiting guests.

Use the armchair to fill up empty spaces while you search for the perfect living room furniture. This versatile piece works well for accommodating guests or placing it in front of the TV, allowing homeowners to enjoy their favorite TV programs comfortably.


Bedroom with privacy and coziness is the perfect place to incorporate a compact, lightweight, and versatile small-sized bench. The armchair bench can effectively serve as a relaxing seat for unwinding, enjoying music, or watching movies if the homeowner prefers not to recline completely on the bed.


Reading rooms and home theaters are the ideal spaces for arranging armchairs due to their entertainment and relaxation purposes. Typically, homeowners can enhance the reading room's interior by adding a couple of lounge pillows alongside the armchair sofa. What could be better than reclining comfortably, resting your arms on a cozy armchair, with a good book or movie for a relaxing time!


Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Sofa Armchairs

Over time, your sofa set is bound to be affected by stains, odors, and even scratches. So, how can you ensure effective sofa cleaning and protection to maintain its longevity and serve you well? Here are some tips that can help:

  • Regularly vacuum and promptly address any new stains on your armchair sofa.
  • Immediately blot any spilled liquids on the sofa with a soft cloth or paper towel to prevent mold and moisture.
  • Periodically deodorize the sofa to combat musty odors, food smells, cigarette smoke, pet hair, and more.
  • It is advisable to clean your sofa every 6 months to enhance its lifespan.
  • For tough or old stains, it's best to seek professional sofa cleaning services rather than attempting it yourself without the necessary tools or expertise to avoid any mishaps.



Comfort is the key element to consider when choosing an armchair. A good armchair is designed to cater to your relaxation needs, accommodating your body's structure as you settle into it. To ensure that comfort, it's essential to understand your personal preferences, home interior style, and the intended placement of the cherished chair before selecting its material and style. We hope this article will assist you in finding your ideal armchair.

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