Feng Shui Living Room Tips for Prosperity and Harmony

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The living room is often considered the heart of a home, where residents spend a significant amount of time with their loved ones. Apart from aesthetic appeal and architectural uniqueness, homeowners also need to focus on the Feng Shui arrangement in the living room to attract positive energy and reduce negative influences, fostering a warm and happy family life. This article shares some valuable Feng Shui insights for your living room.

Benefits of Implementing Feng Shui in the Living Room

According to Eastern beliefs, particularly in Vietnam, the Feng Shui of the living room holds immense significance. A well-organized living room according to Feng Shui principles can bring about prosperity, luck, and abundance for everyone. Nowadays, knowledgeable architects integrate various elements such as colors, layout, lighting, and space to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere for the living room.

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Living Room Layout Principles in Feng Shui

Living Room Placement

The most favorable location for the living room is the central area of the house, right from the main entrance. This position serves as the primary receiver of prosperity and the harmonious circulation of positive energy

Living Room Orientation

Choosing the right orientation for the living room is equally crucial. A favorable direction brings luck and prosperity to the occupants, while an unfavorable one may impact health and hinder the flow of wealth. Homeowners should consider the following compatible living room orientations based on their zodiac signs:

a. Wood and Earth signs are suitable for East and Southeast directions.

b. South direction aligns with those with a Fire sign.

c. West and Northwest directions are favorable for individuals with a Metal sign.

d. Water signs are compatible with the North direction.

e. Northeast and Southwest directions are suitable for those with an Earth sign.

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Prosperity Line

In its simplest form, the Tài Vị is the "vitality line" within the home, significantly influencing the family's wealth and prosperity. The optimal position for the Tài Vị is the corner position diagonally across from the entrance to the living room.

  • When the door opens on the left side of the room, the Prosperity Line is located at the beginning of the diagonal line on the right side.
  • When the door opens in the center of the room, the Prosperity Line is situated at the beginning of the diagonal line on both sides.
  • When the door opens on the right side of the room, the Prosperity Line is positioned at the beginning of the diagonal line on the left side.

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Tips for Arranging Feng Shui in an Inviting Living Room

Choosing Colors and Lighting for the Living Room

When it comes to the Feng Shui arrangement of the living room, selecting the dominant colors that correspond to the homeowner's destiny is crucial. Each of the five elements has four levels of colors, including: generating, harmonizing, controlling, and being controlled. The most suitable colors for each destiny are as follows:

  • Metal: White, metallic shades, and gold.
  • Wood: Green.
  • Water: Sea green, blue, black.
  • Fire: Red, pink, purple, orange.
  • Earth: Brown, earthy orange, yellow earth.

Lighting in the living room Feng Shui prioritizes natural light and air flow to harness ample earth and sky energy. Installing large windows or glass doors allows easy access to sunlight, combined with curtains to provide shade during sunny days.

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Selecting and Arranging Interior Decor

Interior decorations that not only meet style criteria and highlight the owner's unique taste but also align with the living room's Feng Shui are always a top priority.

Arranging Furniture

Homeowners should arrange furniture so both guests and residents can face the main door, avoiding sitting directly opposite or turning away from it. Depending on the room's size, choose a suitable and comfortable furniture set.

Setting up Altars

Feng Shui principles dictate placing the altar facing the sun, often in the Northwest direction to maintain a balance of Yin and Yang. Additionally, ensure the altar is backed against a wall to establish stability. Avoid placing altars facing outside doors, above or below bathrooms, or near young children's bedrooms, as these can compromise reverence.

Choosing Wall Hangings

A variety of Feng Shui wall hanging paintings are available for homeowners to choose from, serving as both decorative accents and elements to attract wealth and positive energy. Examples include landscape paintings and the "Gallop to Success" horse painting. Before gifting any Feng Shui wall paintings, it's essential to understand the room's space and the owner's destiny.

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Decorating with Feng Shui Plants

Adding some Feng Shui-friendly plants to your living room for wealth attraction and positive energy is a great idea. Not only does it introduce more greenery into your home, but it's also a cost-effective option. Here are some suggestions for plants corresponding to different zodiac signs:

  • Metal Element: money tree, Japanese sago palm, aglaonema, lucky bamboo.
  • Wood Element: agave, Japanese bamboo, golden pothos.
  • Water Element: eight-branch money tree, kalanchoe, peacock plant.
  • Fire Element: prosperity tree, lucky bamboo, hong money plant, golden pothos.
  • Earth Element: golden pothos, snake plant.

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Things to Avoid in Feng Shui Arrangement for Living Rooms

  • Avoid dividing the living room into smaller sections as it may disrupt the harmonious flow of energy within the house.
  • Avoid exposing the wealth pathway: The main wealth area is the diagonal path from the entrance to the corners of the living room. Exposing this pathway outward or leading it directly elsewhere can deplete the homeowner's wealth and bring misfortune to the family, which is highly discouraged.
  • Avoid placing multiple sets of tables and sofas in the living room: Even if the space is quite large, Feng Shui experts recommend having only one set of tables and sofas, ensuring both aesthetics and family bonding.
  • Avoid aligning the front door directly with the back door: This misalignment can cause the incoming energy to flow straight out, diminishing the vitality and positive energy of the space.

We hope these insights assist homeowners in arranging their living rooms in a Feng Shui-compliant manner, attracting wealth, luck, and prosperity for the entire family.

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