Secrets to Buying Quality Wardrobes for Your Family

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Not only providing storage space and essential conveniences, wardrobes are also a piece of furniture that asserts the contemporary and luxurious style of homeowners. However, purchasing a quality wooden wardrobe that fulfills both functional and aesthetic needs is not a simple task. Wardrobe selection for interior design is also influenced by factors such as space suitability, overall harmony, materials, etc. The following article suggests 5 secrets to buying beautiful wardrobes that will be helpful for you.


Common Wardrobe Designs in the Market

Sliding door wardrobes

These are wardrobes designed with sliding doors that move to both sides instead of pulling out like traditional ones. This type of wardrobe is commonly made from industrial wood (MDF, MFC) or natural wood (oak, teak, cherry) known for their scratch-resistant, termite-resistant, and moisture-resistant properties. Sliding door wardrobes are a smart choice for optimizing space in small to medium-sized rooms.


Wardrobe with Multiple Compartments and Doors

Wardrobes with multiple compartments and drawers provide an exceptionally spacious storage solution. Families with several members, children, or a substantial amount of belongings can benefit from exploring this smart clothing storage option due to its convenience and comfort.

These wardrobes are typically made of durable, high-quality materials such as natural wood or engineered wood, ensuring longevity and sturdiness.


Wardrobe Without Doors, Multiple Compartments

This type of wardrobe is doorless, featuring multiple shelves and drawers, providing great convenience for homeowners to select, arrange, and store clothing. These products are typically crafted from a combination of wood and metal materials. The wardrobe frame is relatively simple in structure but remarkably eye-catching. Moreover, you can easily move the wardrobe anywhere, suitable for every household space.


Traditional Swing Doors Wardrobe

This is a familiar and secure option for most households. Traditional swing door wardrobes can be crafted from wood or plastic, both of which work perfectly. The drawback is that they occupy space and have a limited storage capacity compared to other types of wardrobes.


Choose Wardrobe Materials to Suit Your Needs

In today's furniture market, wardrobe materials generally depend on the following factors: longevity, weight, flexibility, and design.

Naturally, solid wood wardrobes may lack variety in design, tend to be heavy and less portable, and are suitable for spacious rooms with a classic style.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, offers diverse designs, light weight, easy portability, and versatile colors for various home spaces. However, these wardrobes may have a relatively shorter lifespan, typically lasting between 5 to 10 years.

Plastic wardrobes, the most budget-friendly option, provide exceptional flexibility, easy folding, and mobility. Nonetheless, they are prone to scratches, tears, and water absorption. Additionally, plastic wardrobes do not particularly score high in terms of style and sophistication.


Choose a wardrobe size that fits your space

Wardrobe dimensions depend on the room size and the designated area for placement. However, certain types of wardrobes come in standard sizes, making them easy to fit into any home space.

  • Width ranges from 60 - 80 cm. The width should not be less than 56cm as it can be inconvenient for accessing the wardrobe.
  • Length: varies from 1.2 - 3m depending on needs and space. Many households with high ceilings often opt for floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to maximize space utilization. These models typically exceed 3m in length, suitable for those with substantial storage requirements.

Choosing Colors for Wardrobes

The color of your wardrobe plays a crucial role, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the homeowner's bedroom. Opt for colors that complement the room's interior style or align with your Feng Shui preferences. Natural wood materials offer a diverse palette, with unique wood grain patterns providing distinct character to each wooden wardrobe design.

Avoid vibrant, flashy hues for wardrobes intended for older adults or middle-aged individuals. These shades are better suited for children who enjoy a lively, energetic ambiance. Wardrobes with natural wood hues are the most fitting choice for bedrooms. Timeless color tones such as white, brown, beige, ivory, etc., always remain in vogue.


Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Interior Space

In today's market, wardrobe designs come in a diverse array of styles, intricate carvings, and various patterns. When selecting a wardrobe, it's crucial to consider your personal preferences and living space. Additionally, opt for wardrobe colors that harmonize with other furniture sets in the bedroom. This approach brings balance to the space, enhancing its aesthetics and elegance, accentuating the homeowner's lifestyle.



We hope you have found valuable insights in researching and selecting the most suitable wardrobe designs for your family.

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