The Key to Organizing Kitchen Feng Shui to Welcome Good Fortune and Ward Off Negative Energy.

Author: Tdarch

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, where the family gathers to share the ups and downs of life over a delicious meal. Based on this significance, the feng shui principles in the kitchen should be observed to invite positive energy, luck, and joy around the family dining table. Let's explore these kitchen feng shui secrets through the following article.

The Importance of Kitchen Feng Shui

According to feng shui, the kitchen is the place where cooking and the heat of the stove generate Fire energy. It can deplete the family's financial luck and prosperity if not organized and arranged properly. Simply by observing the kitchen's decor, one can gauge the family's prosperity, harmony, and professional development."


Principles of Kitchen Feng Shui Layout

Determining the Kitchen Direction Based on House Orientation

The kitchen direction is one of the most crucial aspects of kitchen Feng Shui. The orientation is determined based on the cook's back, which means the kitchen faces the direction the cook's back is towards.

  • South-Facing House: Place the kitchen in the East or Southeast direction, avoid the South and North directions.
  • East-Facing House: Consider placing the kitchen in the Southeast, North, or South direction.
  • Southeast-Facing House: West is a suitable direction for placing the kitchen.
  • Northeast-Facing House: It's best to place the kitchen in the Southeast direction. Avoid placing the kitchen in the West or Southwest direction, as it may bring disasters to the homeowners.
  • West-Facing House: Place the kitchen in the Northwest, Southwest, or Northeast direction.
  • Northwest-Facing House: Consider placing the kitchen in the South or West direction.
  • Southwest-Facing House: This house orientation is highly unfavorable, but homeowners can neutralize it by situating the kitchen in the Southeast direction.


Setting up the Kitchen According to the Owner's Zodiac

In Feng Shui, choosing the direction of the kitchen based on the owner's zodiac holds significant importance. Incorrect placement can lead to bodily harm, separation, conflicts, and various misfortunes.

Kitchen Feng Shui should align with the owner's age, specifically the age of the male head of the household. However, if you are a single woman or the household lacks a male figure, setting the kitchen direction according to the age of the female head is also acceptable.

It is advisable to refrain from borrowing the age of others to determine the kitchen direction to avoid unwanted circumstances.


Key Locations to Avoid Placing a Kitchen in Your Home

  • Avoid placing the kitchen in the central part of the house: The central area requires tranquility and stability, while the fiery energy of the kitchen could lead to extreme disruptions, causing disharmony and financial challenges for the family.
  • Avoid placing the kitchen in the West direction: According to Eastern feng shui beliefs, the kitchen should not be situated in the West direction. The West, representing the Metal element, contradicts the Fire element of the kitchen. Moreover, direct evening sunlight in the West could intensify the heat in the kitchen, leading to discomfort. Furthermore, a kitchen placed in the West could adversely affect the family's health.
  • Avoid placing the kitchen directly opposite the main door, bedroom, or bathroom: The kitchen symbolizes wealth and prosperity in a family. In feng shui, it's crucial to discreetly position the kitchen and avoid its exposure towards the door or any private spaces in the house. Such placement not only impacts the family's prosperity but also disrupts the peaceful energy of other living areas.
  • To gather positive energy, position the kitchen away from strong winds. It's advisable not to have windows directly above the kitchen, or a direct view towards the main entrance, as such placement may lead to a loss of money and extinguish the positive fire energy. Additionally, the fire element of the kitchen should not be placed near water elements such as water pipes, underground water sources, or sinks.


Effective Kitchen Feng Shui Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

Color and Lighting

As the kitchen represents the Fire element, the most suitable colors for painting the kitchen would be soothing shades of green such as forest green, moss green, which evoke a sense of tranquility, lightness, and vibrancy. Additionally, you can opt for blue-white tones or neutral colors to create a prosperous and warm kitchen space.

Optimal Kitchen Layout

To attract prosperity into your home, the kitchen space should be filled with ample natural light, always kept clean and tidy, free from dampness or moisture absorption. Ensure there is a comfortable cooking area, and if space allows, consider integrating a dining table or additional kitchen cabinets. In a smaller kitchen, creating a separate cooking area with materials like acrylic, plastic, etc., is essential.

Artwork and Wall Decor

Consider placing a mirror or hanging scenic paintings to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. These elements not only add vibrancy to your kitchen but also attract wealth, good health, and fortune. They contribute to a serene ambiance, making your cooking experience more delightful.


Green Plants for Kitchen Decoration: A Breath of Fresh Air

If you're fond of a fresh and nature-inspired kitchen space, consider adorning your kitchen with small green plant pots. Not only do they bring a lively touch to the kitchen, but they also effectively purify the air and eliminate odors. Choosing plants that align with your age can attract prosperity and luck for you and your family.


With these recent tips, I hope they will guide you in optimizing your kitchen layout according to Feng Shui for enhanced prosperity and luck at home.

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