When two seemingly different yet connected souls collide

Author: Tdarch

When two seemingly different yet connected souls collide - bonded by passionate love and ever yearning wanderlust, rest assured that their love nest would be nothing but a harmony of contrasts. Discovering a common language that speaks to both souls sends a real challenging kick to our creative appetite in this latest project. Modern, yet ingenious design; sparkling with living inspiration yet embracing precious tranquility; nestled in nature yet only one step away from hustling city. Another proud creation of TD architects in 2021!

Unlimited - in style, colors and materials - releases the design from any restrictions, breathing an exotic air into this living room space - freedom, novelty and boldness. Balancing between the strong spirit of the homeowner and the elegance of the design is no little challenge, but creativity also has no limits. When you're a “nerd in style", having your own library to keep your “treasures" close and immerse yourself is a second to none feeling! With two massive built-in bookshelves, an office desk overlooking the garden, working from home seems very tempting! Dating back to the Renaissance, Pergola is a much-loved classic outdoor structure, often spotted in garden & landscape design, consisting of large columns to support the beams. In this project, a more modernized, minimalistic Pergola structure is put into place, yet still keeps the white tones and symmetrical structure to preserve the standard and originality of the art style. Whether it’s a wind-down weekend on a sun-lit terrace, an afternoon tea break with family or a cozy party with friends, there’s no better place to enjoy the moment than under the romantic shade of a Pergola.

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