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Are you looking to design and implement office interior furnishings but unsure where to start? With the most beautiful office interior design and construction models, along with valuable experiences in creating appealing office interiors, TD architects will help you acquire an efficient and cost-effective workspace.

Best Office Interior Design Templates Compilation

Beautiful, reputable, and professional office interior design. Meeting the demands of aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. Suitable for the company’s culture. Contact us now for consultation.

Are you looking to design and construct an office interior but not sure where to start? With 100+ stunning office interior design templates and our expertise in creating beautiful office interiors, TD architects will help you own an efficient and cost-effective workspace

Best Office Interior Designs Compilation

Take a look at the office interior design templates that TD architects has created to gather ideas for perfecting your own beautiful workspace for your business!

80m2 Office Interior Design

With an 80m2 office space, the interior design needs careful consideration to optimize the area for a comfortable and spacious working environment. Proper arrangement of work desks and chairs is essential to create an open workspace. Additionally, items such as filing cabinets, bookshelves, and storage units should be strategically placed for convenience and ease of use.

Office interior design also requires attention to lighting and electrical systems. Natural lighting should be maximized to minimize eye strain during long work hours. At the same time, the electrical system should be secure and reliable to ensure the safe use of computers and electronic devices. Adding greenery to the office layout brings vitality and enhances work efficiency.

Professional 100m2 Office Interior Design

Discover the perfect layout for your 100m2 office interior, optimizing every space for productivity and efficiency. From designated workstations to meeting rooms and executive areas, our expert design team ensures a cohesive and harmonious environment.

Emphasizing natural light not only creates a comfortable workspace but also reduces energy costs. We prioritize a well-designed lighting system to ensure ample illumination throughout the office.

Enhance professionalism with a thoughtfully curated color palette that adds visual appeal and coherence to the office. Incorporating greenery not only adds a touch of nature but also contributes to a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Office Interior Design for 200m2

Office interior design for 200m2 is often suitable for large-scale businesses, making it essential to divide the workspace effectively. The office needs to be divided into functional areas, including reception areas, employee workstations, meeting rooms, director’s offices, and dining areas. Intelligent layout in each area creates an efficient and space-saving work environment.

The choice of furniture must be appropriate for the office’s size. Careful selection of desks, chairs, and filing cabinets ensures comfort and professionalism. Document shelves and bookcases should also be placed in suitable positions, providing convenience for employees and enhancing information retrieval.

Proper lighting arrangement, decorative artwork, suitable greenery, and the use of glass partitions contribute to a modern, elegant, and comfortable workspace, improving employees’ productivity.

Every industry and field requires well-designed office interiors that are practical, functional, and provide excellent inspiration for employees. Whether it’s a small or large office, incorporating greenery into office interior decoration is essential. Green plants help create a refreshing, clean, and healthier working environment.

Stay updated with the 7 latest trends in office interior design to create an efficient workspace!

Integrating Green Spaces into Office Design

This is a popular trend in interior design, including office interior design. Bringing in natural elements provides a sense of lightness, relaxation, and comfort, reducing stress and enhancing productivity for employees.

Furthermore, strategically placing plants in the office helps purify the air, reduce harmful radiation, and promote overall well-being. Even in small office spaces, you can decorate your workspace with plants on the desk or choose climbing plants to adorn empty walls, maximizing the use of available space.

Open Space Office Design

Open space office design has been around for a long time, and it has never gone out of style. It allows you to maximize natural light and create a seamless and spacious environment for your office.

Therefore, there is no need to separate the rooms, except for areas like accounting, executive offices, and meeting rooms that require privacy. In such cases, glass partitions can be used to divide these departments.

Additionally, you can utilize file cabinets or low shelves to create distinct yet interconnected spaces.

Colorful Office Interior Design

Transform your office into a unique, youthful, dynamic, and creative space with captivating color combinations. This is an excellent interior design idea for offices that require a creative touch.

Prioritizing Common Living Spaces for Offices

To reduce stress and pressure in the workplace, incorporating shared living spaces when designing an office can effectively help your employees regain balance. Simply having a small quiet room equipped with entertainment devices, or comfortable amenities such as recliners, sofas, and a coffee counter, can create an excellent space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Enhance Office Motivation with Artwork Decoration

In addition to using plants or vibrant color schemes to decorate your office, incorporating wall paintings, canvas art, or artwork featuring inspiring quotes and motivational messages can be an effective way to inspire and motivate your employees.

Industrial-Style Office Interior Design

Industrial style is highly favored by many investors. Its distinctive features include simplicity, rawness, and exposed electrical wiring and pipes, which are often painted in black, gray, or white, without the use of suspended ceilings.

Utilize Modular Furniture for Office Spaces

With the current advancements, modular furniture offers a wide range of diverse designs and creative lines that are visually appealing, allowing you to flexibly use them in any department. However, due to their pre-manufactured nature, small office spaces should carefully consider their usage to ensure maximum space utilization.

Affordable and Beautiful Office Interior Design Experience

Location Selection

Choosing the right location is crucial for office interior design. If you’re in the service industry, consider a location with convenient parking for your clients. Also, pay attention to feng shui principles to support your business endeavors.

Feng Shui-Inspired Layout

When designing office interiors, consider the appropriate feng shui orientation, especially for the desk and executive positions.

Budget Planning

Prepare a budget for your new office interior design, including items like furniture, decorative accents, machinery, and office equipment. After budget planning, consult with an architect to create a design that meets your requirements and optimizes costs.

Material Selection

In office interior design, engineered wood materials are an optimal choice for work desks and filing cabinets. Depending on your budget, select the appropriate brand of engineered wood to minimize unexpected expenses. Additionally, strategically install a scientific lighting system with commonly used downlights to create a harmonious and well-lit workspace.

Choosing a Reputable Company

Investing in office interior design requires significant financial commitment. Therefore, it’s essential to find a reputable interior design and construction company that understands materials deeply and possesses extensive experience. They will provide you with an efficient and feng shui-compliant workspace, ensuring optimal conditions for your business activities.

Important Considerations for Office Interior Design and Construction

o save time, costs, and effort, it is crucial to have clear communication with an architect from the beginning regarding your desires, preferences, style, and office layout to ensure the final design meets your needs with minimal revisions. Additionally, it is essential for experts to understand your requirements and budget to provide the most optimal advice.

When designing office interiors, here are some important considerations to create an efficient and comfortable working environment for employees:

Open space design: An open workspace enhances interaction among employees and fosters a positive work atmosphere. However, it is important to maintain privacy for individuals.

Natural light utilization: Natural light plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and healthy work environment. Make the most of natural light and minimize the use of artificial lighting.

Appropriate color usage: Colors can influence the mood of employees and contribute to a positive or negative working environment. Choose gentle, neutral colors that are neither too warm nor too cold to create a relaxed and comfortable workspace.

Balance between work and relaxation: Office interior design should ensure that areas for rest, meeting rooms, and reception areas are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing space for employees. This helps boost morale and reduce work-related stress.

Flexibility and adaptability: Office interior design should be flexible and adaptable to accommodate changing needs and tasks. For example, using adjustable-height desks to suit each employee’s height or designing a space that can be easily modified and customized when necessary.

Office Interior Design and Construction Quotation at TD architects

When it comes to office interior design and construction, the first aspect you’re concerned about is the cost. Understanding this, we have set a highly reasonable price range for design services, starting from 200,000đ/m2 to 250,000đ/m2, depending on the design package. This allows you to maximize cost savings while ensuring absolute quality.

Upon completion of the design, you will receive a comprehensive portfolio, including 3D renderings and 2D technical drawings.

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The typical design process includes the following steps:

Client prospect

Preliminary estimation

Concept design (Concept)

Contract discussion

Floor plan and functional space design

3D design

Shop drawing

2D & 3D design documentation handover