Location: District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Type: Commerce
Style: Treillage
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When French landscape designer André Le Nôtre was in charge of designing and building the Versailles gardens, the art of treillage was born - a style that creates a sense of uniqueness, romance and nobility without losing touch with nature.

Stood out with a bold color mixture and semi-classic design, I'm Bistro has a unique charm that few can resist. A unusual powerful combination of dark green and coral red turns elegant when mixing with other light color patterns, making the entire place entrancing with classic European features.

What makes I’m Bistro so magnetic?

A bold, unique mix & match of materials. Spontaneous combination of different types of marble. Exclusive customized ceramic tiles with tropical-inspired lattice design. Together, they have created a masterpiece in I’m Bistro.

The latticework of encaustic cement, marble and ceramic tiles has given this Treillage-inspired restaurant its intimacy and exclusivity. We’re very proud to see I’m Bistro featured in other art projects every now and then.

Each project holds a special place in our heart and I'm Bistro is no exception, if not the most special one.