Location: District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Type: Residence
Style: Bauhaus
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Considered one of the most influential art movements in modern design in the 20th century, Bauhaus is making its comeback and warmly welcomed due to an optimistic message it never fails to deliver: Believe in the bright future - a positive reminder that we all need a little too much.

Bauhaus design is characterized by harmoniously balanced aesthetic shapes and an emphasis on function, providing a strategically organized and highly accommodating for an ideal living space. Unsurprisingly, Bauhaus style is deemed a pioneer in the “minimalism” movement - uncluttered, individualistic and creative.

Inspirational, artistic, detail-oriented - that’s how we describe the owner of this project, with whom we discuss and transform every step of our creative process into actuality.

With Bauhaus Style as the main design language, the whole project boasts simplicity and leanness, with some soft touches embedded, accentuating the overall artistry. The focus on shape and surface treatment, and lighting design introduces a unique emotion to the space, opening up a free, yet personal realm for its owner’s pursuit of artistic passion.

Bauhaus Style is the architectural manifestation of minimalism - from colors, design details to furniture selection, with great emphasis on functionality. Yet, with the right direction, constraints can breed creativity ;)

Choosing French White as a theme color, accented with some Pale Lavender cushions and a small wooden table at the center of bedroom space, this penthouse apartment evokes lavender fields, rustic farmhouses and perfectly crusty baguettes à la Provence - where all worries are left behind, only serenity prevails.

Outdoor landscaping always promotes creativity and innovation to give a sense of deep relaxation and freedom of mind to homeowners. Yet, there’re always principles to keep in mind. For TD architects, it’s the natural transition between in and outdoor space to minimize sudden changes and disconnection to the entire landscape - from texture, shape and size of the leaves, the transition of miniatures to the color of interior pieces.

When expertly and mindfully designed, the outdoor landscape will always be able to achieve the necessary openness, creative aesthetic but still maintain the “flow” of the entire project.