Location: District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Type: Commerce
Style: Contemporary
Description: Embarking on a journey through a myriad of watercraft and bustling morning markets along Mekong River.

Embarking on a journey through a myriad of watercraft and bustling morning markets along Mekong River.

The heart of the Nam Mê Kitchen & Bar project lies in the seamless harmony between humanity, nature, and treasured cultural values. Every aspect is thoughtfully orchestrated through purposeful spatial arrangement, providing guests an immersive journey and an opportunity to truly embrace the authentic essence within.

Nam Mê embodies the serene essence of an Asian male figure through a powerful and captivating color palette, accented by a red lipstick shade of a woman in white - and from there, a Creative Kitchen & Bar was born. All Mekong signature features have come into play. The flowing river, coconut palms winding, and floating markets find expression through thoughtfully designed seating benches and lush green plant partitions.

The entrance, meticulously fashioned with a gradual elevation, capturing the attention of every diner and bringing an entire space to life.

Traditional materials are preferred, offering a fresh perspective on simplicity, forging a deep connection with local culinary techniques and the indigenous people. Nam Mê is a refreshing addition to the local food scene, ensuring a captivating and distinctive “Mekong experience” for each and every diner in the heart of Saigon.

The revamped structure ensures unobstructed views, seamlessly connecting residents to lush greenery and the inviting pool area, enhancing the fresh, sunlit atmosphere.

Symmetric ceiling with bistro-themed LED lights.

Arched windows with glass partitions based on the concept of a secret room to pique people’s interest.

Unique Asian furniture sourced from local antique markets, set against Thanh Hoa green stone.

Kidzone featuring games, keeping young dinners entertained during their visit.

Familiar cultural features like checkered scarf, bamboo accents, etc. can be easily spotted around the building. The project itself is the convergence of traditional cultural elements with modern aesthetics that we can’t wait for you to explore yourself!