Location: Tan Binh District
Type: Townhouse
Style: Transitional
Description: A renovation project of an old townhouse in Tan Binh District, aiming to create a tranquil sanctuary amidst the demands of daily life.

The first impression upon arriving at the house is the purposefully designed wind cotton tiles system, offering both privacy and openness without compromising the spatial flow. It effectively filters sunlight, noise, and dust while allowing for natural light and ventilation. Additionally, a “double-skin” configuration has been integrated to facilitate the dissipation of heat, effectively regulating the internal climate of the house. Like Pandora's box, it holds an enchanting beauty, enticing one to unveil its inner wonders.

The young couple's home is a serene retreat, detached from the urban chaos. Its interior exudes a gentle warmth, providing a balanced and cozy haven.

Influenced by the Transitional style, great attention is given to the interior space. The minimalistic furniture arrangement creates unique focal points, showcasing the homeowners' aesthetic sensibilities and the architects' refined touch. Despite the small floor plan, TD team successfully orchestrates a harmonious and well-balanced composition.

Arched doorways and elegant classical lighting fixtures are incorporated, adding expressive and sophisticated elements. The furniture features sleek structures, prioritizing comfort and simplicity. The color scheme remains minimalistic, leaning towards modern aesthetics and avoiding excessive embellishments while maintaining a subdued allure. Ornate patterns are eliminated in favor of contemporary elements, resulting in a rich and layered ambiance.

Neutral tones dominate the space, complemented by earthy red accent walls and dark wooden furniture, infusing a touch of strength into the gentle and enduring atmosphere desired by the homeowners.

The dining area undergoes a modern makeover, discarding traditional long bench seating in favor of functional and easy-to-clean leather chairs. The kitchen cabinets are designed along the wall, maximizing storage while utilizing the vertical space. The incorporation of pine green color breathes new life, adding vibrancy to the "heart of the home." Coupled with skylights, it allows for natural light and ventilation, reducing energy consumption and creating a sense of openness.

The use of glass partitions instead of solid walls is a highlight of the house, leveraging natural light and fostering seamless connectivity throughout the space.

TD architects prioritizes the inclusion of green spaces in our designs. Particularly in urban townhouse projects, a sun-soaked rooftop adorned with abundant foliage and eco-friendly materials creates a refreshing atmosphere for homeowners. Sometimes, you don't have to venture far but enjoy the change of scenery right in the comfort of your own home.